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OM Tech: ESOPs at the click of a button

Have you heard about that company who lost its top talent to another firm? What about the firm which didn’t realise their productivity potential? This is the reality for some companies who don’t implement an employee share ownership program. Some individuals don’t understand the true value of implementing an ESOP and others think it’s too costly and too complicated.

Well this brings me to the solution: A Singaporean based company called OM Tech aims to simplify your ESOP management, whether you’re a startup or a more established company. What makes OM Tech unique is their distinctive utilisation of a trust structure to hold your company’s shares on behalf of your employees. As an independent body, OM Tech provides a secure, adaptable and transparent platform, meeting your needs at the click of a button.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, what is an ESOP and why would my company want to implement one? An ESOP is an employee benefit plan that gives employees ownership interests in your company, so essentially your employees receive financial benefits when your company performs well. This equity plan is a crucial way in which to retain talent and foster a culture of productivity, progress and innovation. Basically, OM Tech takes the stress out of your ESOP management.

So how does OM Tech work specifically?

Well, using standardised legal templates, your employees receive the documentation informing them of their equity rights and once signed, the names will automatically appear on your company dashboard. Your company can then track the various vesting schedules for your employees and once it gets to the relevant exercise period, your employees will be able to clearly and easily subscribe for and exercise their units. Your employees can readily see and track their equity. AND all of this managed by OM Tech as trustee - how easy!

ESOPs at the click of a button - sounds too easy right? Well, rest assured, it is that simple. With an established track record in ESOP administration and management and a vision to provide cutting edge solutions to businesses in Singapore and across Asia, OM Tech is here to take the hassle out of your ESOP management.

Is there even a place for technology in my ESOP administration? Won’t it be too costly and hard to use?

That’s the beauty of OM Tech’s offering - it is affordable and specifically designed to simplify your ESOP administration. Using an interactive and accessible dashboard, your ESOP will become clearer than ever before. And as trustees, OM Tech will oversee and be responsible for your whole ESOP process.

Contact any of our helpful team members to find out more!

Contributed by Ella Hall for OM Tech

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